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Welcome to the Traklight November Newsletter. This month we'll be giving thanks for out top blogs, featured partner, and goings-on for the past month. We'll also let you know where you can find us in November, and how you can keep your business running smoothly as we start to close out the calendar year.


The Traklight Team

Top Blogs This Month

Woohoo!: Title III Final Rules Before Halloween 

business-962364_1280I was in NYC in early October and met up with some fellow CfiRA members who have it on good authority that the Title III rules for federal equity crowdfunding will come out in October.  Woohoo again! This means that you can add a federal crowdfunding campaign to your New Year’s resolution.  In all seriousness, this opens up another channel for capital for startups and small businesses to raise money in the form of either equity or debt.
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Darwin Law #1: There’s No Such Thing as Big Data in the Legal Industry

Dollarphotoclub_BigDataBlogPost-1024x1024Big Data was about the ability to store and process data. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when the term “Big Data” was coined and growing in popularity, there weren’t adequate tools to store and process larger data sets. Now there are, driven by technology like Hadoop, which was launched in December 2011. In fact, there is now an entire industry of tools, infrastructure, analytics, visualization, distributors, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and structured databases to help us process large data sets. So if we now can all easily process lots of data simply and relatively cheaply, what exactly is Big Data?  Why don’t we call it “analytics” or even just “data”?
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Featured Partner


Traklight is proud to partner with Rocket Lawyer to help entrepreneurs with their legal needs. We're also contributors to the Rocket Lawyer blog, which is a great educational resource for those looking to learn about legal issues both personal and professional. You can check out our guest blogs on Rocket Lawyer here. To see what your legal needs may be and how to address them with Rocket Lawyer, visit our special Rocket Lawyer landing page. (P.S. - as a holiday gift, access is free!)

Traklight Around the Web

Traklight is always trying to stay involved in the legal tech community. This month, we've been busy guest blogging for Rocket Lawyer, Forbes, and Law Technology Today, as well as a lunch and learn on how to prepare to finance and sell your company. Traklight CEO Mary Juetten was also a guest speaker at this year's Clio Conference as well as an organizer for the most recent Evolve Law event at Cardozo Law School in New York.

In the coming month, you'll be able to find Mary at Evolve Law events in Seattle, LA and Toronto as well as a ASBA Biz for Breakfast event on risk management in Phoenix on November 12. You can find all of these events and more on our Events page, or by checking our social media accounts.

Traklight Enterprise Platform

In today's economy, businesses are looking through their spreadsheets, trying to find ways they can save money. One of the best ways companies can cut costs is by taking the DIY approach to tasks they would've previously outsourced. With Traklight's Silver and Gold Vaults, you can upload and share documents for due diligence, at a fraction of the cost. Watch this short overview to learn more.

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