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Welcome to our February newsletter. In this issue we'll highlight our top blogs from January and let you know where you can find us around the country for the upcoming month. We'll also spotlight our featured partner for the month and outline how Traklight can help attorneys jumpstart their practice.


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Top Blogs This Month

Spotify Up Against Class Action Suit for Copyright Infringement

bass-guitar-913092_1280.jpgStreaming services have become the latest step in the evolution of how we consume content. People are no longer encumbered by physical copies of the movies they want to watch or the music that they wish to listen to. That is especially true for music: not only do you not need to carry around your CDs or your iPod, you don't have to own the work in order to listen to it, thanks to services like Spotify. All Spotify asks of its listeners is to listen to ads every few songs, or pay a nominal fee for the ad-free version of the app. But a recent lawsuit may shake up the way that millions of people get their music. Read more.

Big Bang Theory Facing Copyright Lawsuit

wild-865296_1280.jpgGiven today's media landscape, it's hard for television shows to gain the sort of popularity that their predecessors did in decades past. The one show that has come closest to the notoriety of its network sitcom predecessors is The Big Bang Theory. Given how fragmented viewing audiences are, the show is as close to a cultural touchstone as we may have, regularly topping the ratings and views on streaming services. But now TV's most popular sitcom finds itself in a copyright lawsuit over one of its songs. Read more.

Upcoming Events

For those of you attending this year's ICON, Traklight CEO Mary Juetten will be giving a presentation entitled "Don't Risk It All! 10 Tips for Maximizing Business Value". For more information on this and many other exciting panels, visit the ICON website.

We also have some exciting Evolve Law events coming up in February. February 4th is our NYC event "Investment in Legal Technology". We'll be in Vancouver on February 16th for "Social Media and Innovation: Legal Tech Trends". And February 18th is our inaugural hometown event in Phoenix, "Legal Innovation: Trends & Ethics from Different Perspectives." For more information and tickets, you can follow the links above. 

Girls in Tech are also hosting their fourth annual Catalyst Conference April 17-19, 2016 in Phoenix. The event will feature over two dozen speakers, including top female executives from IBM, Cisco, Salesforce, PayPal, Charlotte Russe, Autodesk and the US State Department. If you're interested in attending this year's gathering, you can get your tickets here and use the promo code PARTNERS to save 25%. 

Featured Partner



Paychex is an industry leader in payroll, human resources needs for businesses all over the country. To learn more about Paychex, visit their website.

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