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Welcome to our December newsletter. As the weather gets worse and lives more hectic with the holidays approaching, we thought this would be a great opportunity to examine ways to minimize business risk as you try to avoid the risks of your everyday life. In this edition, we'll look at new questions we've added to ID your IP, as well as one of our updated ebooks. We'll also let you know about our featured partner this month, as well as our upcoming webinar on business risk. We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season.

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Top Blogs This Month

Five Tips on Starting, Growing and Funding A Legal Tech Company

PowderSplash-1.jpg It’s probably okay to start a legal tech business that operates in the current gray areas of legal ethics and regulations – lawyers need to stop hiding behind the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) shield.

Like Uber, entrepreneurs can blaze the trail for reforming outdated laws that prevent innovation and progress in the legal industry. Oh and lawyers need to stop tanking investment in legal tech and start championing startups. Read more...

Woohoo!: Title III Final Rules Before Halloween II

business-962364_1280.jpg I was in NYC in early October and met up with some fellow CfiRA(Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory  Advocates ) members who have it on good authority that the Title III rules for federal equity crowdfunding will come out in October.  Woohoo again! This means that you can add a federal crowdfunding campaign to your New Year’s resolution.  In all seriousness, this opens up another channel for capital for startups and small businesses to raise money in the form of either equity or debt. Read more...

Featured Partner


iDisclose is an adaptive web-based application that enables entrepreneurs to prepare institutional grade private placement documents at a fraction of the time and cost. Built by the brightest minds in securities law, iDisclose combines legal know-how with cutting-edge, intelligent technology to significantly reduce the time, money and effort both business owners and attorneys traditionally exert when raising capital. To learn more about how iDisclose can help your business, visit their website.

Traklight Around the Web

If you're interested in attending a webinar on December 8 about how you can address your business risk, you're in luck! Our own Mary Juetten will be co-presenting at a webinar entitled "Minimize Your Client's Risk: From Intellectual Property to Cash Flow. To learn more and register for the event, click here.


What's New

You can now get an updated version of our Vault Best Practices ebook as part of our Enterprise offering. It features more tips on what documents and records to store in your own Vault. You can learn more about our Enterprise package here

For our attorney friends, we think you'd like this Clio ebook, "Winning with Technology: Make Your Law Firm Impervious to Competition," co-written by our own Mary Juetten. To download your free copy, click here.

With the new year fast approaching, there's never been a better time to start getting organized. Why not make it easier by using our free Business Risk Assessment? We've just added some new questions to the Fundraising section of our questionnaire, just in time for the release of the rules on equity crowdfunding. Click on the button below to get started.